These galleries contain photos made on spec for VodoModo, a Wisconsin-based startup. The product was a set of narrated smartphone slideshows describing places that are popular with tourists. With a mix of historical and contemporary images they'd tell you all about the Coit Tower or the Washington Monument while selling ads to the local restaurants and other ravenous merchants. They were translating into French and Chinese.

So I got to do San Francisco. They had market research as to which were the most visited attractions. (Ichiban was the Castro.) They would send us scripts specifying the shots they wanted and we'd go out and do the best we could. (We could not, however, find tie-dyed hippies in today's Haight...)

The result was a set of reasonably well-produced videos with occasional hysterical mispronunciations of French words by Midwestern announcers. They never sold. We never saw a dime.

We did it for love.
Cable CarsGrace CathedralPresidioFerry BldgFort PointCastroCoit TowerChinatownGolden GateHaightUnion SquareFisherman's WharfNorth BeachAlcatraz